Eco-Friendly Exercise.

STORM Bootcamp, Fite & Cycle classes will be delivered in a mix of German and English.

Our signature Bootcamp experience. A complete intense experience that connects your body and mind in rhythm with the music. An electric atmosphere, amplified by our charismatic team of coaches armed with their specialised and personal playlists. STORM Bootcamp allows you to surpass yourself, find inspiration and be part of something exhilarating  We train together in 3 zones- conditioning, strength & combat designed to keep you engaged and challenged whilst incorporating the 7 primal movement pattens. *Click here to find out more.* Our STORM sessions are all heart rate tracked and monitored through our POLAR system allowing you to be visibly motivated whilst being able to download your results and see your progress.

STORM FITE is our most innovative studio experience. A workout based around punch and kick bags, alongside strength/functional & conditioning work including TRX that will blow your mind. Get ready for our 1st STORM FITE studio opening in 2021!

Indoor cycling has never been so complete.  Exceed your limits to the rhythm of the music in a fun atmosphere with the best coaches in Germany. Get excited, our 1st STORM CYCLE studio will be opening in the end of 2021!

Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Federal Government, we will remain closed.

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