The 7 primal movements.

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STORM workouts are carefully created to be sustainable for the requirements of human movement making everyday life much more enjoyable.


During the first years of our lives we explore our environment with movement. Our bodies are designed to move. However, the modern world and our ever increasing sedentary lifestyle has become a barrier in ensuring everyday functional movement patterns are practised correctly. Modern day lifestyles can lead to imbalances in the human body that overtime, if not corrected can cause chronic pain and inhibit the way we live of lives.

Primal movement patterns are summarised simply below. These are the main 7 functional movements that we incorporate subconsciously​ several times a day.

– Walk, Jog or Run

– Pivot

– Lunge 

– Hinge

– Pull 

– Push 

– Squat

At STORM we carefully create our workouts to be sustainable for the human body so that we do not overload muscle groups. Overloading can cause shortening of the muscles that cause imbalances in the body overtime.

STORM ensures that when we educate and train our coaches they fully understand that the incorporation of the 7 primal movement patterns are essential for an effective workout. Thus allowing our STORM Bootcamps to support better, pain free living whilst combatting the modern day lifestyle challenges and making day to day movements easier.

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