Polar measures your pulse in real time when you wear a heart rate monitor, you get detailed feedback on how hard you are training. This way you can train smarter and achieve the desired training effect from every workout at STORM.


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As a STORM user you are entitle to a 15% discount on the following Polar products:

H9, H10 Vantage M, Ignite, Grit X.

Receiving and activating your Polar discount code is simple. Simply send us an e-mail to  info@wearethestorm.de in order to request your code, click on the Polar link and order your product direct. Easy! 

*You can also purchase the Polar range suitable for STORM Bootcamp directly in club*

STORM Bootcamp will provide you with a Polar heart rate sensor for your first two sessions. For hygienic & performance reasons we ask you to purchase your own Polar device.

Having your own Polar device ensures the highest level of personal hygiene and also ensures that you are immediately connected to the STORM Polar heart rate system. It also allows you to track your results through your individual Polar Flow account.

Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Federal Government, we will remain closed.

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