Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Federal Government, we will remain closed.​

Meet our STORM Bootcamp Master Trainer André.

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Hey Troopers,

We hope you are well and keeping healthy. Today we would like to introduce you to one of our Master Trainers André who based in Berlin.
We held a short Q&A session in order to get a better insight about André’s life and of course his favorite things about being part of the STORM.

  1. Tell us two fun facts about André?
    I have lived in Boston, U.S. and also in Barcelona, Spain.
    95% of the time I adopt a vegan eating strategy.
  2. So, tell us, are you a Tea, Coffee or Lemon Juice type of guy in the morning?
    First thing in the morning is a cup of warm water *55-60°C anything above is too hot for your body*, it helps to get your body and intestines started and kick starts your metabolism. Then, of course coffee. I just love coffee!
  3. What is your favorite food?
    Everything ha-ha! But if I had to choose just one thing it would be homemade pizza. I literally could eat it all day every day.
  4.  André, tell us your favorite source of protein?
    It has to be a mix of plant-based proteins such as pea, hamp as well as rice protein and eggs, but only in the non-vegan 5% of my eating habits.
  5. What is your favorite part of being involved with STORM?
    I just love the freedom and creativity of the workout. It really is your workout, your rules when it comes to STORM. I really like that I can be super creative within the class format framework by mixing up the exercises, routines and my playlists every week it never gets boring for me to deliver and for the Troopers taking part.
  1. STORM Bootcamp has 3 different zones. Which is your favorite?
    That is an easy one for me. 100% the RUN zone. I am fanatic about anything to do with running, whether it be marathons, triathlons and even extreme fitness events.
  2. So, what is your favorite STORM exercise?
    It just has to be in the RUN zone, which I guess doesn’t come as any surprise. I love the intensity of doing Interval runs on the treads. For example, 30 seconds as fast as you can go and then 30 seconds active recovery a number of times. It really is great to improve your base fitness level. Try it!
  3. Final question from us, STORM Bootcamp indoors or a STORM session outdoors?
    Oh wow, now that is a tough one, I think in general I’d always prefer to work out in an outdoor environment. This simply comes from my love of our planet and playing football for 21 years. I guess that’s just a normal response, right? Nonetheless, for the real STORM experience I would always prefer to be in one of our AMAZING STORM studios since you can’t really recreate the total immersive feeling and experience you get from being inside the eye of the STORM. Ha-ha!

Thank you so much for your time today and for allowing us to get a brief insight into André. Remember Troopers, if you have any further questions please feel free to just drop us a message via insta or send us an e-mail at info@wearethestorm.de

Today-Tomorrow-We are the STORM.

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Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Federal Government, we will remain closed.

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