Due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Federal Government, we will remain closed.​

STORM is a very unique brand that offers an innovative boutique experience set within Holmes Place clubs. STORM offers 3 different products- Bootcamp, Fite & Cycle in very cool settings that are bespoke designed and built.

To book your  STORM session, you need to download our app , and create an account, in order to personalize your booking. You can then purchase credits and book a session at a date and time that suits you.

STORM has many different purchasing options for the user. Below is the pricing structure for STORM Bootcamp, FITE & Cycle.

  • 1st Time Introductory Offer 2 Sessions for 30.00€
  • 1 Session      22,00€  *45 Minute*
  • 1 Session      15, 00€ *30 Minute*
  • 5 Sessions     99,00€
  • 10 Sessions   170,00€
  • 20 sessions   329,00€
  • Holmes Place member rate for 50-minute format 10.00€
  • Holmes Place member rate for 30+-minute format 7.50€

Yes, of course. ALL Holmes Place members that register on the STORM app get a free introductory session. The session is valid until 30.06.2021 and is activated through the STORM app. Holmes Place members then get a fantastic rate of just 10,00€ for the 50-minute version, and 7,50€ for the 30+-minute version. Holmes Place members will need to register on the STORM app and input their membership number in order for the discounted rates to apply.

You can check-in over our app for your session up to 45 minutes before the start of your class. If you activate your push notifications you will receive a pop-up to remind you.

Once you have checked in via your mobile phone on the STORM app go to reception and the STORM host will give you your sweat towel and a STORM card to activate the lockers. *Please return the card after use before leaving the club*

Whenever you’re ready! We publish the calendar of sessions 14 days in advance. Every Monday at noon, you will therefore be informed of the opening of the slots for the following 2 weeks. From then on, it’s up to you!

You have 2 options. STORM sessions are either 30 or 50 minutes. Enough time to make you sweat and have you counting down the hours until your next STORM session.

STORM Bootcamp has three zones. Conditioning *Treadmill* Strength *Bench, Functional* and Combat *Punch bags and more* • After the pulse raiser and mobility- 5 mins *Blue Lights* • You work in each of the 3 zones for four minutes with a 30 second break in between 2x two-minute intervals. *Red lights* with a 90 second transition between zones *Green lights* You work in each zone twice • Cool down and stretch- 5mins *Blue lights or lights off completely* • *30 minute version* sees you work in each zone just once but for 5 minutes- 2 minutes, 30 second break, 2 minutes, 30 second break and then a final 1 minute as hard as you can go!

Yes. There will be a 50/50 split of sessions delivered in both German & English. This is identified by the flag or language abbrevation positioned next to the advertised class time alongside the name of the coach.

Yes, but we only recommend this for the 1st 1 or 2 sessions. All participants are encouraged to purchase their own Mitts as well as their own Polar wearable. Participants will be able to purchase Polar items directly on the app & website at a discounted rate as well as in the club directly. Mitts are available to purchase directly in the club. This ensures the highest levels of hygiene and also ensures you are instantly connected to the polar heart rate system.
*We strongly recommend that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the regulations around hygiene you purchase your own mitts and wearables at the 1st session. This will ensure your personal well-being.

Yes. Mitts will be available to purchase in the club at a cost of 44,00€ a pair. Polar heart rate straps and arm band sensors will also be available to purchase either in the club or by following the link on the STORM website & app.

If purchased on the app or website you can apply for a 15% code to use online only. Price in club will also match the purchase price online.

No problem. STORM will be able to lend you what you need as a one off. *Please remember others will have used these and we cannot guarantee they are dry, and not smelly!! What we can guarantee is they are disinfected.

Yes, of course. Simply let the coach know that you are wearing a Polar heart rate tracking wearable to set you up. Once you are set up the Polar system will always recognize you meaning this only needs to be done just once. Please ensure you have a Polar Flow account and you know your log in details. *username, email and password*

Due to the nature of the work-out STORM Bootcamp requires the use of an MMA style mitts and not a full boxing glove.

Absolutely, for personal hygiene reasons, STORM requires you to purchase your own mitts after your first 1/2 sessions. STORM also offers the opportunity to purchase inserts for the gloves to enhance protection and hygiene. *For STORM FITE only*

*Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we strongly advise this*

STORM provides you with a complimentary sweat towel which will be presented to you upon arrival to reception and trust me you will need it!!

You will need to bring your own towel for showering afterwards. Don’t worry is you forget it. You can borrow one from the reception for a nominal fee.

We ask you to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your session, if you are a first timer. If you are not a first timer, we ask you to arrive 10 miuntes before the start of your session. Strictly no access is allowed once the doors are closed.

Our sessions are suitable and tailored for all levels and we will make sure that everyone, regular or not, can make the most of the experience. We will therefore always take the time to explain the basics.*All first timers will be taken through a short introduction prior to their first session* and you have the option of the 30 or 45 minute STORM experience. STORM has created a team of Coaches that are all very different & unique and we are sure we will find the one that you just LOVE!

Simple- Make your purchase directly on the STORM app and it will be waiting for you after your session *All shakes are Vegan friendly*

Urban Sports Club members will need to register on the STORM app in order to take advantage of this service.

The 2 for 1 offer is only valid for your first time at STORM and both sessions need to be used within the 1st 10 days from the date of purchase.

We know you will like the experience so much, you can then continue with our other packages that are available.

Sure, you can book your sessions 14 days in advance. How many you book is up to you. 

*You cannot book more than 1 place per session*


The validity period of a session depends on the package purchased-

  • 1 session: valid for 7 days from date of purchase
  • Pack of 5 sessions valid for 2 months from date of purchase
  • Pack of 10 sessions: valid for 4 months from date of purchase
  • Pack of 20 sessions: valid for 8 months from date of purchase

Lots of Energy, and commitment as well as plenty of fluids to stay hydrated!

Please also ensure you bring your mitts and Polar wearable if you have your own as well as a towel for showering afterwards.


If you wish to cancel a session, no problem! We will credit your account with the credit corresponding to the cancellation. In order to allow as many people as possible to participate in the experience in the best conditions, we ask you to cancel your session at least 6 hours in advance. Beyond that, we will unfortunately not be able to re-credit your account.

All clients must be at least 18 years of age to register. 

STORM Boutique Fitness is committed to ensuring we start as we mean to go on by becoming a sustainable brand. STORM will be working alongside TRE to offset all STORM workouts. All STORM participants will be contributing to a socially & environmentally friendly project by donating their green coins that are rewarded for attending a STORM Bootcamp. These green coins are donated towards a chosen project. STORM Boutique Fitness will change the project chosen every 3 months and STORM participants also have the option to contribute personally towards the projects.