Eco-Friendly Exercise.

STORM believes that together through the primal power of exercise, we can initiate a movement that sustains and supports our planet.

We have a real belief that all the small changes we can easily adopt in our day to day lives can have a BIG impact on our planet, not only today but for the world we will leave behind tomorrow. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.


    • We only work with suppliers that can demonstrate that they leave a positive environmental footprint in terms of their manufacturing and logistics.
    • We do not use one time plastic at all in our studios, even our bin liners are produced from plastic waste removed from our oceans by a mega cool German brand; WILDPLASTIC.
    • We removed all disinfectant spray bottles and paper tissue from our studios for a more environmentally friendly option, allowing us to reduce the waste produced by approximately 70%.
    • Our protein shakes are not served in disposable cups and we offer only 100% bamboo straws which you can purchase from our studios. If you want to take your shake away then you can bring your own re-usable cup. In fact we actively encourage this at STORM.
Did you know?

  • Our exclusive STORM clothing range is designed by Re-Athlete. Re-Athlete only sources its materials used locally from ethically sourced suppliers and is made to order meaning you can be creative whilst knowing you are reducing waste significantly. Not a lot of people realize that mass produced clothing is not good for the environment. STORM aims to educate whilst you are on your fitness journey.
  • Our STORM drink bottles are also supplied by Re-Athlete and are 100% Bio-Degradable and BPA free, making it a more environmentally friendly option you can use again and again.
The 1001 Campaign. You sweat it, We plant it.
More info following soon.
'Green Credits'

you will become widely acknowledged as one of our ‘Super Trooper’

For this achievement you will be rewarded with a very special pair of WHITE/GOLD STORM boxing mitts, truly unique to being a 'Super Trooper' .

We will also invite 1 lucky member of the Trooper community to join us on a beach clean up that will see STORM support the beautiful island of Fuerteventura to keep their beaches wonderfully clean. STORM will support with trips 3 times per year and each time a Trooper will be chosen at random to come and help us!

We truly believe that STORM is creating a movement that allows us to see fitness through a completely different set of eyes and mindset. This truly is fitness that gives back to the world we live in today, whilst supporting change for the world tomorrow. We are the STORM.

Let us tell you more about the 2 projects we have chosen to start our ‘SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY'

We hope you LOVE this approach and enjoy coming with us on this mission to support our planet.

The 2 projects we have chosen impact all of us no matter where we live in the world. 

The Oceans & The Rainforests.

Project Number 1 – Playa Pallet Beach Clean Project through Clean Ocean Project.

The Playa Pallet is a wooden bin made out of used pallets for the beach. Currently Clean Ocean Project has 30x Playa Pallet bins all over the island of Fuerteventura. The idea is simple: We create beach clean-ups that are 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our dream is that by providing more and more Playa Pallet bins we will encourage people to pick up whatever trash they find when visiting our beaches.

Clean Ocean Project has been running the project for 2 years now and have been seeing some AMAZING results.

The Playa Pallet bins are being filled up with trash collected from our beaches every week!

Together with the support of the STORM Trooper community, Clean Ocean Project has a dream!

That dream is to provide and maintain another 16 Playa Pallet bins  to place on the east coast of Fuerteventura whilst maintaining the existing Playa pallet bins already on the island, and to educate the beach users by creating more signage, ensuring the bins already provided are being used in the correct manner.

Project Number 2 – Uaxactun, Guatemala , Youth, community restoration and native tree nursery through Tre.

Part of the largest intact forest in Central America, the community of Uaxactun has a long history of conserving their forests through sustainable harvests of non-timber and timber products. STORM Boutique Fitness and it‘s Trooper community is proud to  provide support for the development of community nursery of trees from the forest to supply this community and those nearby with seeds from the forests. These trees will also be used to create a ‘nature trail’ for ecotourism purposes, supporting local livelihoods and youth entrepreneurship.

The STORM Fitness & Sustainability Story doesn't stop there!
The STORM Plogging Community.

We are also going to be introducing a brand NEW community of Troopers – The ‘STORM Ploggers’. Easily identified by their branded jackets fully armed with Go Pro‘s, and the fact they are running with WILDPLASTIC bin liners full of trash collected from our streets and parks.

We want to help support the clean up of the communities we live in. STORM has linked fitness and the environment again to create the ‘STORM Ploggers’ we can get fit, have fun and continue to give back not just in our studios but also out in the fresh outdoors.

Want to join us? Follow us on social media for more information and how you can support us and get involved.