Berlin Bootcamp Workout

Friedrichshain & Neukölln

HIIT workout including heart rate tracking in real time, for every fitness level.


only 11 Euros for your first Bootcamp class


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3 zones, 35 or 50 minutes, for every fitness level.
3 zones,

35 or 50 minutes,

for every fitness level.

The unique fitness bootcamp in Berlin. A complete, intense experience that connects your body and mind in rhythm with music. An electric atmosphere in our modern and urban studios, enhanced by our charismatic team of coaches with their special and individual playlists. During the STORM Bootcamp Workout you will grow beyond yourself: in our STORM classes the live heart rate measurement is done via the POLAR system. This is the only way to complete the STORM experience. The POLAR Verity Sense tracker accurately tracks your HIIT workout: as an optical heart rate sensor that offers maximum freedom of movement and several options for displaying and recording training sessions, the Verity Sense can display your training data in real time. This way, you can measure and document your progress at any time and make training successes visible.


Discover the benefits of interval training.


Explore functional training.


Develop a boxer's mind.

We train together in three zones – cardio, conditioning and combat. The zones are designed to include the seven primal movements. The great thing about our STORM HIIT Bootcamp is that the workout is designed so that you can train optimally with any fitness level. Live heart rate tracking with the POLAR system will take you to and beyond your individual limits for a maximally effective HIIT workout. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and combines intensive strength units with rest phases. This maximises muscle exhaustion and oxygen uptake in the muscle – the aim of the training method is to stimulate muscle growth and burn a maximum amount of fat in a short time. The interval training ensures a higher calorie consumption, an increased metabolic rate as well as a faster muscle build-up. The STORM boot camps in Berlin last 35 or 50 minutes – fast workouts that guarantee you maximum training success.