5 tips to boost your self-confidence.

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Self-confidence is not a given. A little more self-esteem, experience and nerve can make it easier for you to assert yourself. STORM offers some advice on how to face others and succeed in whatever you do!

  1. Knowing yourself well.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and short falls will allow you to make the most of them. This is the first step towards gaining self-confidence. Thus, you will be able to put forward your assets in all daily situations: at the office, with friends or family. By determining your weak points, you will be able to work on improving them. Taking stock of your personality and your achievements will help you feel unique and confident. In addition, knowing yourself well will allow those around you to get to know and appreciate you better.

  1. Accept compliments.

At work, at home, with friends, you perform a variety of tasks every day that may solicit compliments from those around you. Learn to receive and appreciate these positive comments. You can see them as encouragement that you can use to recognize your greatest strengths. You can then use this to enhance your self-esteem.

  1. Take care of your posture.

Self-confidence shows up in our posture and in our eyes. Keep your back straight, your shoulders up & back, your head up and walk with a confident stride. Smile more and people will be drawn to you. People who are very confident do this kind of non-verbal behavior. Learn from them. To feel more comfortable, you can look in the mirror to see the difference between your postures and facial expressions.  At STORM we carefully create our workouts to be sustainable for the human body so that we do not overload muscle groups. STORM workouts help you to keep your back straight and your shoulders and head up & back. Click here to read more about the 7 primal movements.

  1. Set achievable goals.

Is your lack of self-confidence due to a permanent feeling of failure? Stop setting or accepting unattainable goals! One of the keys to self-confidence is realism: you need to know your abilities and embrace your limits! Try segmenting your overall goal into small bitesize chunks and see how you suddenly start to win. Getting through these small steps will help you reach your goals if they are achieveable.

  1. Challenge yourself.

Things you do that you thought were impossible or that you had never done before are great ways to boost your confidence. Look for projects and tasks where you can use your strengths and at the same time challenge yourself. Don’t be too critical of yourself at first and don’t compare yourself with someone who has years of experience.

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